About YourGameHost

Meet our team

Our goal is simple.

We're on a mission to build the best hosting company in Europe.

Daniel 🇬🇧

I'm responsible for everything technical at YourGameHost, this ranges from general maintenance patches to P1 incident management.

Malte 🇩🇪

I'm responsible for looking after customers and ensuring that they're happy with the service, a technical account manager you could say.

Brief History

We're just getting started.

Drafted our idea
Mid 2020
A long 3AM Discord call birthed the idea of us bringing our own hosting solution to the table - a company that focused on customer loyalty and amazing price to performance.
Bringing things to life
December 2020
Our first domain was acquired, your-game.host. This was our starting point, shortly after we acquired yourgamehost.com and along came our first Ryzen 5 3600 node in Germany.
Initial public launch
Jan - Mar 2021
We launched the first version of YourGameHost, we learnt a lot of specifics within the Minecraft hosting community and we've taken all of April to work on the brand to refine our services.
Threats Stopped
≈ 2,300
Average threats stopped per month
Network Requests
Average requests to our network since public launch