Our Environmental Promise

At YourGameHost we understand that hosting is a business that comes with a huge carbon footprint however it doesn't have to always be that way, we work differently to ensure we leave no lasting impact.


Here's a list of some things we're working on / have in place to tackle our carbon footprint.

  • 20 Tonne Per Year Carbon offsets
  • Contributions to Carbon Removal Projects
  • Green Datacenters
  • Green Supply Chains
  • Working towards 60 Tonne offset / neutral certifications

As someone who's passionate about the ocean life and coral reefs, time is running out to save them so reducing our carbon output was essential.
- Daniel, Founder of YourGameHost

Our Action Plan

We don't just want to be a company who sits around and preaches on social media about these issues, so below is an explanation of how we're actively doing this or how we're planning to do this.

Carbon Offsetting

Firstly we're working along side Carbon Neutral Britain to offset our initial 20 tonnes annually. They'll plant 30 trees per month and as we expand working closer towards our 60 tonne goal YourGameHost will officially be a carbon neutral certified business.

In addition, every time someone makes a purchase through our Stripe payment gateway they take an additional 2% cut (a percentage that we defined) and contribute this directly towards carbon capture / storage projects. As YourGameHost expands we look to turn this into a 5% contribution.

Our Datacenters

When deciding to go live in a new region, there's multiple things we consider firstly the obvious questions - "Does this region have vendors with the hardware we'd like to use?" and "Can we afford this region with our current pricing?" - for these reasons alone YourGameHost will not have plans outside of Europe for the foreseeable future.

Additionally we have to ensure our Datacenters are clean and Renewable, if unfortunately it's not possible to host in a renewable datacenter we'll offset the output from this region.

Presently we have the following datacenters all on zero emission, 100% renewable energy.

Front End Panels / SQL Clusters
Game Servers
Offsite Backup
  • Amsterdam - Netherlands (Equinix)

Environmental Certifications

The following datacenter providers hold ISO 14001 environmental certifications.

The following datacenter providers hold ISO 50001 environmental certifications.

We've tried to answer questions we expect to come up the most.

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