We're looking out for the place we call home.

We understand that hosting is a business that comes with a huge carbon footprint however it doesn't have to always be that way, we're working differently to ensure we leave no lasting impact.

Outline of our goals

The first year of YourGameHost has been a success, the comments from users saying they've enjoyed the raw performance from our services - it really means a lot. This leads us to the following question :

How do we combat our carbon output?

We're a company that doesn't just want to preach, we want to act on whatever scale we can. Since Feb 2020 we've been working on the following - our list is not complete and we'll continue to support future solutions which will help our planet.

What we currently have in place
  • 20 Tonne Per Year Carbon Offsets
  • Carbon Neutral Certification
  • Contributions to Carbon Removal Projects
  • Green Datacenters
  • Green Supply Chains
How are we doing this?

We don't just want to be a company that sits around and preaches on social media about these issues so below is an explanation of how we're actively doing this or how we're planning to do this.

Carbon Offsetting

As of September 2021, we're working with Klima to offset our initial annual target of 20 tonnes. They do this by working on three key areas, nature - replanting programmes, tech - solar power projects and finally social where they provide clean cooking stoves in Ghana. You can view the projects that Klima support in more detail here. All of our datacenters and operations are powered either by wind, solar or hydro-power our emissions are nearly 0. We say nearly 0 because we have to account for our daily lives, supply chains in which we use and any small extras along the way.

We offset as a business because any additional offsets we make allows us to become carbon-negative, we estimate that the additional steps required to bring us YourGameHost are around 5 tonnes per year, our current contributions mean we're currently 3x 'over budget' ensuring we always offset more than we ever produce.

In addition, every time someone makes a purchase through our Stripe payment gateway they take an additional 2% cut (a percentage that we defined) and contribute this directly towards carbon capture/storage projects, we'll also work towards expanding this to a 5% contribution when permitting.

To find out more about how Stripe climate helps us save our planet, click here.

New Datacenters

When deciding to go live in a new region, there are multiple things we consider firstly the obvious questions - "Does this region have vendors with the hardware we'd like to use?" and "Can we afford this region with our current pricing?" - For these reasons alone YourGameHost does not currently have plans available in Asia at this time.

Once we've found a location that we can say yes to the above questions we then look at the next question - "Does this datacenter run on renewables?". If we're unable to source a location that runs on renewables the carbon produced will be offset via enhanced contributions with Klima.

Presently, all of our datacenters are zero emission and run on 100% renewable energy.

What we're still working towards
  • 60 Tonne Per Year Carbon offsets
Protecting Ecosystems is Essentials - As someone who's passionate about the ocean life and coral reefs, time is running out to save them so reducing our carbon output was essential.

Daniel, Founder of YourGameHost
Which datacenters hold ISO14001 and 50001?

The current ISO standards for Environmental Management are ISO 14001 and Energy Management is ISO 50001. We're pleased to announce the following regions have attained these certifications :

Where do we go from here?

At YourGameHost our goal to ensure neutrality will never be complete, as we expand our service offerings, our need to adapt will become ever greater. We'll be monitoring our output over the next 12 months and from 2023 onwards, we'll review our targets annually and continue to challenge ourselves.