Service Changes

This page outlines all the changes with our Minecraft hosting lineup.

This page was last updated on Sun 19 Sept 2021.

What's happening?

At YourGameHost over the last year, both myself and Malte have worked hard to bring a quality solution into an already 'over-saturated' market. Unfortunately, with changes presented by some of our vendors we're no longer able to offer Mini, Air or Pro plans at their original price points, since Aug 2021 we've absorbed the difference in costs as much as possible however with further changes due in January we're forced to increase our pricing too.

We understand entirely this will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of some and for that we apologise, with the changes to try and make the best out of a bad situation we're giving our Air plans a CPU buff and our Pro plans a storage bump too.

What's staying the same?

Not everything is bad and we're pleased to announce the following stays in-place across all of our plans.

  • Backup quotas
  • DDoS protection
  • Dedicated resources
  • NVMe storage quotas
  • SQL databases

What has to change?

In order to ensure YourGameHost can survive and grow as a company, we're changing the following across our plans. Some product lineups have been altered slightly to compensate.

Mini Plans
  • DISCONTINUED - 3GB plan - From Oct 1st people with this plan will be upgraded to 4GB RAM.
  • ADDED - 5GB plan.
  • Price increase of 0.09 EUR per GB.
Air Plans
  • IMPROVED - 6GB plan - Now ships with 1.25 CPU cores from Oct 1st.
  • IMPROVED - 7GB plan - Now ships with 1.5 CPU cores from Oct 1st.
  • IMPROVED - 8GB plan - Now ships with 2 CPU cores from Oct 1st.
  • Price increase of 0.09 EUR per GB.
Pro Plans
  • REMOVED - All - We can no longer ship dedicated ips for free, they can be purchased via a ticket for a 5 EUR monthly & 20 EUR one time setup fee.
  • IMPROVED - All - Now ships with 110GB NVMe quotas from Nov 1st.
  • Price increase of 0.10 EUR per GB.

We still hold our stance on being the affordable, eco-friendly game host that you've come to know and love and this wasn't something we wanted to do. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the team on Discord or raise a ticket via the client portal.