Bot Hosting

New for 2022 - Discord bot hosting, brought to you by the same team you already know and love.

Support for multiple languages
Powered by AMD EPYC
Starting from 256MB RAM
Starting from 5GB NVMe Storage

Are our plans suited for you?

Our new bot hosting plans are powered by ROME based AMD EPYC 7302P CPUs, our plans come with ample amounts of resources regardless if your bot is being used in a single server for development or 1000 servers - no matter the size we're able to support it!

You'll have full access to your files via SFTP, Git and last but not least our web-based file manager found in the control panel. Most bot hosting sites only provide hosting for NodeJS and Python while we go above and beyond by introducing support for the following languages.

  • Golang
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python