Managed Server

Our Managed Ryzen 7 based plan is back for another year, without the setup fees!

AMD Ryzen 7 3700
960GB NVMe Storage in Software RAID 1
2 Dedicated IPs
1Gbps Uplink
DDoS Protection
Fully private and customisable

Is RYZE-1 for you?

If you're looking to go fully dedicated but you're not sure about the server administration - leave it with us and select a managed server, by going managed you get all the benefits of being in control of the game servers you provision while we're responsible for the boring (but still essential) responsibilities that come with hosting; networking, patching/security, reboots, troubleshooting etc.

When reboots are required, we'll reach out to your via a ticket and schedule and appropriate time to conduct such work. If additional software is required by the client, a support ticket can be raised and assigned to an engineer to deploy to your server.

PLEASE NOTE : You will not receive root / ssh access to the managed server. By default any backups created via the panel are stored on the local system.

Our RYZE-1 servers come pre-configured with the following:

  • Debian 10
  • MariaDB
  • Pterodactyl Panel
  • Pterodactyl Wing Agent
  • YourGameHost Monitoring Agent