Managed Server

Back for 2022 - We're bringing back our Ryzen 9 based dedicated servers.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900
1.92TB NVMe Storage in Software RAID 1
2 Dedicated IPs
1Gbps Uplink
DDoS Protection
Fully private and customisable

Is RYZE-2 for you?

If you've got an established community, maybe you're a content creator looking for a high-end solution or perhaps you're a Minecraft network with some additional servers, i.e. Valheim or Rust then this is the solution for you. We'll be on-hand to provide any assistance with your best-efforts support with your game servers as well as looking after the server everything sits on.

When reboots are required, we'll reach out to your via a ticket and schedule and appropriate time to conduct such work. If additional software is required by the client, a support ticket can be raised and assigned to an engineer to deploy to your server.

PLEASE NOTE : You will not receive root / ssh access to the managed server. By default any backups created via the panel are stored on the local system.

Our RYZE-2 servers come pre-configured with the following:

  • Debian 10
  • MariaDB
  • Pterodactyl Panel
  • Pterodactyl Wing Agent
  • YourGameHost Monitoring Agent